Always Draw The

GIRAFFE goes the extra mile for our customers

The Story

Always Draw The Giraffe

A few years ago, one of our customer support reps was dealing with a particularly upset customer. After she corrected the issue with his order, she asked if there was anything more she could do to make things right. His reply was strange and unexpected:

"The only way you can make me happy is if you draw a giraffe on my package!"
Needless to say, she drew a cartoon giraffe on his package and had the new order expedited to his house.

A couple days later, we received an email from the customer ranting and raving about how excited he was that a customer service rep actually took the time to add that personal (and quite unnecessary) touch to his order. He assured us that he would be a customer for life.

From that day on, we decided to "always draw the giraffe" for our customers. We will always go above and beyond to ensure that when our customers need help, they receive a personal experience that leaves a long-lasting impression on them.

We will always draw the giraffe.

Our Promise

We'll Take Care of You

We're human, we make mistakes!

We strive to make as few mistakes as possible; however, one slips through the cracks every once in a while. We promise to be open and honest with you if we make a mistake. We will make it right!

Rep Empowerment

We give our support reps the power to take care of you. We promise to do our best to keep our policies flexible and friendly for you. Our support reps are evaluated based on your feedback!

Our Stats

    99% of our customers are satisfied

    90% satisfaction among customers who report a problem

    80% of issues are resolved within 1 business day


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